True Grit Sports Performance is accepting applications for the Fall/Winter “Team” sports training – TGSP “Next Up” Academy.

Each TGS Next Up Academy athlete will receive - agility, speed, flexibility and strength – training from notable local and area sports athletes selected by the sports preference. These series of sports clinics will prepare your sports organizations athletes to compete and perform at their very best, with the confidence necessary to win! All necessary for every sport and every athlete.

This training is designed to prevent sports injuries, prior to or during the active sports season, build physical strength, flexibility, speed and agility, and mental confidence - sports IQ,

Currently, we accepting team applications to arrange for the TGSP Next Up Academy training. We will bring the TGSP Academy to  your organization at your training location and or facility. Also, we can provide the training location or facility to facilitate the training  – see TGS Facilities.

Once you have determined what your training needs will be, please register your organization online with the first month paypal payment. Thereafter, contact the TGS Master Trainers to schedule your TGS “Next Up” Academy. See TGS “Contact US” / Performance – B. Thompson (  or E. Thompson (

Thank you for your interest in True Grit Sports – tell a friend!