The True Grit Sports – Sports Performance / Adult Fitness is accepting “ONLINE” registration and payments for our 2015 “Fall” Women’s Adult Fitness training

See the True Grits Sports Registration page.

Our TGS/Sports Performance WOMENS "Adult Fitness" training will focus on your GENERAL fitness goals, set by you and your trainer.

This training will be offered in a group setting. We encourage you to invite your fitness friends to join you in our group training. We have determined that our training is much more enjoyable with others, who share the same focus. However, individual training is available, if preferred (see trainer for details).

The cost is $55 per month (per - adult fitness athlete). Personal fitness" equipment is required (yoga mat, hand weights - 2lbs and a hoola hoop). 

If weight training is requested, we can provide weight training at an addition cost.

Adult Fitness Schedule/Locations: 

1. (Su) Bartholomew Sports Complex (outdoors) - 530pm/630pm.


    (Su) Cosumnes Oaks HS (outdoors)  230pm/330pm - Beginning Oct 2015.  

2. (M/W) LOCATION TBA (indoors - Elliot Ranch Elem) - 630pm/730pm. Beginning Oct 2015.

3. (Tu/TH) LOCATION TBA (indoors - Stone Lake Elem) - 630pm/730pm. Beginning Oct 2015.