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Greetings, True Grit Sports Academy Supporter-

On behalf of the TRUE GRIT SPORTS ACADEMY – INC (TGSA), I want to thank you for interest and support throughout the past year.  As a result, I want to offer you a tax deductible opportunity for your financial support to the True Grit Sports Academy, Inc. “

Since 2005, we have created college sports opportunities for more than 150 “College Scholarship” student athletes. These student athlete are now True Grit Sports Academy “Alumni”- College Graduates. With your support, we were capable of providing these TGSA student athletes the preparation to achieve their received scholarship opportunities.

Your support created an opportunities through our 7 TGSA programs. Of the 7 programs, 5 were nationally recognized competitive sports programs, which resulted in college scholarships and college scholarship opportunities.

Unfortunately, we will begin this season with only 3 active programs – Warrior Football, Blue Angel Softball and Goldrush Track (see … Academy). We are down from 7 active programs to 3 active programs. However, the demand for our programs encourages us to continue.

We ask that you help the True Grit Sports Academy continue to help our communities student athletes achieve their collegiate sports and academic goals.

Your generous donation will help provide college academic and athletic opportunities to our communities student athletes, not abundantly available. These college scholarship opportunities will help our student athletes reach and complete, their collegiate sports and academic goals.

Without your generous donation and support, many of these TGSA athletes will not progress to their full potential (see Academy). With your financial support we can help those who need the help!

I thank you in advance for considering the True Grit Sports Academy as your non-profit charity / organization.  Please donate generously to our mission (see www.truegrit-sports … About Us).

Thank you for your time, consideration and support!

Eric Thompson
Executive Director – True Grit Sports Academy


True Grit Sports Academy’s Mission:

The True Grit Sports Academy is committed to the development of 6 principles for positive sports competition and academic success:

  1. citizenship
  2. character
  3. commitment
  4. scholarship/academics
  5. sportsmanship
  6. physical fitness.

All accomplished and achieved in a safe and secure environment.

The True Grit Sports Academy will provide organized and structured programs, and activities, designed to educate and prepare the student athlete for both sports and academic endeavors.

The True Grit Sports Academy will maintain a high standard for participation, while promoting a fun and positive experience, as our student athletes achieve their academic and athletic goals.


TGSA Structure

The True Grit Sports Academy (TGSA) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization established to address the health and personal development of America's youth. TGSA is a community-based program that combines sports and education to emphasize the principles of self-worth, respect for others, teamwork, integrity, community pride, personal and community responsibility. This is accomplished through the TGSA commitment of excellence that is integral to our name, True Grit.

The TGSA emphasizes HARD WORK and INTEGRITY in sports training, sports conditioning and sports skill development. We teach the value of sports performance aligned to nutrition, injury prevention, and self-esteem/confidence. The TGSA promotes the balance of physical and academic development through academic services including: mentors, mentorships, tutoring (all subjects), interns, internships, and sports and academic scholarships.

TGSA is committed to the overall development of the student/athlete. For student/athletes with a goal of participating in college sports, we provide professional sports training, sports skills development, and college scholarship counseling/preparation. This service is provided to both male and female athletes involved in any sport.

This is the True Grit Sports Academy’s commitment--we believe, if we can learn to PLAY GREAT, together we can BE GREAT!


TGSA Program Student Athletes

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