About Us

About Us

What is the Northern California “Cigar and Shots” Social Club?

The Northern California “Cigar and Shots” Social Club (NCCSSC) - is a social club for gentlemen who enjoy the positive social interaction and the relaxation, provided from a good cigar, glass of “brown liquor” and great neighbors. This opportunity will be presented in an “Old School” – Barber Shop – setting. More importantly, you do not need to consume cigars or shots to be a member. Your commitment to the community is all that is required.

The imported / domestic – cigars and liquor, various cultural foods/meals and (known) parlor game competitions, are a few reasons for the gathering. However, these gathering serve a greater purpose. These gatherings throughout Sacramento and Northern California will provide a platform/opportunity for discussion, understanding and education for the participants regarding matters of past, present and future concerns.  More importantly, we are a Father and Son – Social Club. The “Cigar and Shots” is the social magnet for creating the opportunity to teach the rules of the “grown men” to our young men. Also, we are an opportunity for positive community interaction that will invite an environment for meaningful networking of skills, talents and interest for our community’s young men.

The club offers support for all the matters we face as men in America, and more specifically, Black Men. Our focus is our community’s issues and concerns. We hope to discuss, listen and learn from each other. Our objective is to create an OLD SCHOOL “Barbershop” atmosphere to help reach some possible solutions for generational problems. Ultimately, this is a “Rites of Passage” opportunity for the club’s members to continue the traditions, lesson and lore, we once received at the Black Man’s Social Club - the Barbershop.

The Northern California Cigar and Shots Social Club (NCCSSC) meets monthly at selected cigar-friendly - restaurants, marinas, hotels, casinos, golf courses and cigar lounges in Northern, Central and Southern California. Our Huddles are generally held from 5 pm to 10 pm or in concert with the happy hour offerings from the host venue. Our Huddles provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about cigars, the cigar community, and how to pair your cigar with drinks and good food. The NCCSSC will collect a non-profit donation from each member in attendance, as we encourage you to support the venue for their hospitality. Our Game Schedule information can be found at the Northern California Cigar and Shots Social Club webpage.

Our activities are designed for members only. Membership in the NCCSSC brings many advantages to our members: Discount notices on cigar products, priority access to limited edition cigars, personal invitations to promotional events cigar shows, club dinners, and discount notices on hotels and travel. More importantly, our membership provides positive social interaction, community fellowship, positive relaxation, membership “Rites of Passage” and community networking.

  • All PLAYERS on the TEAM will be allowed to participate in all TEAM activities at the “Home Field HUDDLE”.
  • All Players will comply with NCCSSC club attire.
  • Players will not be allowed to participate without club Membership  “Gate Key”.
  • NON-Members will not be allowed to participate in a NCCSSC activity without a TEAM “Co-signer”.
  • Absolutely NO Marijuana allowed!
  • Each participating TEAM/PLAYER will provide cigars and shots (liquor) to share and trade among the participating guest and or TEAMMATES.
  • The “TEAM” will provide tables and chairs, board games, and cards. All entertainment required for a HUDDLE (upon request or need).
  • All TEAM/PLAYERS must have their TEAM FEES paid to participate.
  • Each participating PLAYER will bring snacks or food – banquet/buffet style - or contribute to the purchase of snacks or food, if required.
  • All TEAM/PLAYERS will demonstrate self -restraint and mutual respect for each “Player”, ”Host”, and all TEAM Huddles.
  • All violations of any TEAM rule will be evaluated and assessed for dismissal or suspension from the TEAM. This is the responsibility of the TEAM /Founders.
  • All TEAM/PLAYERS are responsible for their individual travel arrangements, hotel accommodations and food.
  • Adult over 21
  • Must be "vetted in" by active founding NCCSSC team member
  • Knowledge of Cigars and Liquor consumption
  • Possess a “Hand Crafted” Cigar Box
  • Possess a “Sports Jacket”
  • Possess imported and domestic – Cigars and Liquor – trade / share / consume
  • Prepared to travel - “Road Trips”
  • Prepared to host a “HUDDLE”
  • Prepared to make charitable donations of time and money.

  • Positive Social interaction and Fellowship
  • Positive Relaxation
  • Rites of Passage
  • Community Network