Northern California’s Cigars and Shots – Social Club

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NCCSSC History

Northern California -Cigar and Shots- Social Club (NCCSSC)

NCCSSC meets monthly at selected cigar-friendly - restaurants, marinas, hotels, casinos, golf courses and cigar lounges in Northern, Central and Southern California. Our Huddles are generally held from 5pm to 10pm or in concert with the happy hour offerings from the host venue. Our Huddles provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about cigars, the cigar community, and how to pair your cigar with drinks and good food. The NCCSSC will collect a non-profit donation from each member in attendance, as we encourage you to support the venue for their hospitality. Our Calendar of Events information can be found at the Northern California Cigar and Shots Social Club webpage (currently under development), as well as, our  Facebook page.

Our activities are designed for members only. Membership in the NCCSSC brings many advantages to our members: Discount notices on cigar products, priority access to limited edition cigars, personal invitations to promotional events cigar shows, club dinners, and discount notices on hotels and travel. More importantly, our membership provides positive social interaction, community fellowship, positive relaxation, membership “Rites of Passage” and community networking. 



- All PLAYERS on the TEAM will be allowed to participate in all TEAM activities at the “Home Field HUDDLE” with their CLUB “CIGAR BOX” and their CLUB “GOAT” sports coat.
- No non-members allowed without a TEAM “Co-signer”.
- Absolutely NO Marijuana allowed in shape or form!
- Each participating TEAM/PLAYERS will bring cigars and shots (liquor) to share and trade amongst the participating guest and TEAM/PLAYERS.
- The “TEAM” will provide tables and chairs, board games, and cards. Any entertainment required for a HUDDLE, upon request or need.
- All TEAM/PLAYERS must have their TEAM FEES paid to participate.
- Each participating PLAYER will bring snacks or food – banquet/buffet style - or contribute to the purchase of snacks or food, if required.
- All TEAM/PLAYERS will demonstrate self -restraint and mutual respect for each “Player”, ”Host”, “Home Field” and all TEAM Huddles.
- All violations of any TEAM Rule will be evaluated and assessed for dismissal or suspension from the TEAM. This is the responsibility of the TEAM -VETS/Founders.

NCCSSC Member Requirements

NCCSSC Member Requirements:

Adult over 21.
Knowledge of Cigars and Liquor consumption.
Possess a “Hand Crafted” Cigar Box (Provided upon membership).
Possess a “Sports Coat”.
Possess imported and domestic – Cigars and Liquor – trade / share / consume.
Prepared to travel - “Road Trips”.
Prepared to host a “HUDDLE”.
Make charitable donations of time and money.

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Please consider reserving the Cigar and Shots “Cigar Bar” for any of your adult social events.  The “Cigar Bar” is a fundraiser for Cigar and...

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Membership Cigar Boxes – COST

  • 31.53 = $20
  • 31.27 = $20
  • 10.66 = $20
  • 29.48 = $30
  • 7.17 = $20
  • 28.54 = $20
  • 18.67 = $35
  • 15.56 = $25

Greeting NCCSSC Team

The “Just a Cigar” Cigar Lounge is currently accepting new members applications.

The NCCSSC have been invited as NCCSSC members to join the “Just a Cigar” membership.  Our participation as members of the “Just a Cigar” Lounge will be a requirement for our NCCSSC membership. The “Just a Cigar” Lounge will serve as our “Home Field” location.

Please contact me (Coach E. Thompson) for details.

Just a Cigar Lounge is located:

2720 Arden Way, Suite 120
Sacto, Ca 95825
Ph. (916) 485-2345
Contact – Ronnie (owner)

Just a Cigar Ads

Please consider reserving the Cigar and Shots "Cigar Bar" for any of your adult social events.  

This is a fundraiser for the Cigar and Shots - Social Club. We will provide numerous foreign and domestic cigars for your adult social event, in exchange for your generous donation.

Cigar Bar service:
Cigar and Shots will provide you with foreign and domestic cigars of various sizes, flavors and quality. More importantly, you will have a "cigar bar" attendant to serve your adult social event's attendees.  

Cigars and Shots - Cigar Bar: 
3 bar tables
10 bar stools 
5 ashtrays,
(?#) domestic and foriegn cigars   

CS Fundraiser    *member price donations
$200 donation - 2 hour bar service - 20 cigars
$300 donation  - 2 hour bar service - 30 cigars
$400 donation - 2 hour bar service - 40 cigars
$500 donation - 3 hour bar service - 50 cigars

Please contact me to reserve your adult social event's "Cigar Bar" -