TGS Recruiting Invite

Coaches Invite

Coaches Invitation:

Greetings Coach, 

I am Eric Thompson of True Grit Sports. True Grit Sports is a community based organization that emphasizes education through sports training and conditioning (see PERFORMANCE).  For 10 ten years, we have successfully prepared our student athletes to perform at their highest potential at the collegiate level regarding sports and academics. Many of our athletes are currently in attendance on your campus, either as student on academic merit or as an athlete on scholarship. More importantly, all are contributing to academic and athletic success of your institution.

As a result, I invite you follow our student athletes as they prepare for their collegiate level academic and athletic challenges. We will have a series of youth sports camps, clinics and combines throughout the summer. Our camps, clinics and combines prepare our student athletes to perform at their best at your sports camps. As a result, our athletes are standouts at your camps.

 We have currently produced the 2016 #15 football recruit in the nation – Lamar Jackson (Nebraska), Previously, we produced the 2012 #1 football recruit, Arik Armstead (Oregon) and #1 DB recruit in California - Marcus Rios (UCLA). Not only are our athletes stellar on the football field, they excel in the classroom. Our 2011 academic scholarship recipient - Ade Jackson (DB) (Univ of Penn) can boast a high school GPA of 4.85. This is the highest GPA amongst all high school athletes in Northern California. All of these athletes have trained with True Grit Sports as youth to the current date. Yet, there are many more before these athletes with similar success and many more to come. (See) -camps and clinics and       

If you are in Sacramento/Elk Grove, Please stop by and observe our camps, clinics and combines. We welcome your attendance! Allow us to express our gratitude and hospitality during your visit.

 Eric Thompson - True Grit Sports Conditioning

Prospect Invite

University/College Coaches Invite

True Grit Sports is a premier professional sports performance organization established in 2002. Since 2002, we have produced well over 110 collegiate athletics scholarship recipients. Our athletes are located in every prominate collegiate sports activity. More importantly, our athletes are located in all college divisions and in both male and female, college and professional sports. See attached documents – TGSA Alumni List.

As a result, we have developed many long standing relationships with colleges and universities throughout the US. Our athletes success has encourage and strengthen these valued partners. Our goal is to help our athletes (Northern California) to obtain collegiate scholarship opportunities through their sports activities.

As student athletes, we prepare our athletes both academically and athletically. Our specialized training prepares all athletes for any sport performance challenge. In addition, Our TGSA - ACADEMICS program provides assistance to each athlete with any classroom challenges. This college preparatory advantage has help our athletes successfully compete in both the classroom and on the field.

With that said, please observe the list of our area’s TGSA  Blue Chip (Football) Prospects. We have provided both contact information and video links.  Our athletes will provide ACT / SAT results and school transcripts upon request! Please contact me, Eric Thompson with your interest or for further details.

Network Invite

True Grit Sports “Recruiting” Network -High School to College

True Grit Sports has established relationships with several of the colleges and universities throughout nation. We have placed our athletes in several known division one and two programs. However, as we train and condition our athletes for their preparation for collegiate and professional sports, we have identified a need for a more efficient means of communication between the Northern California High School Coaching staff and America’s colleges and universities.

As a result, we have established a network of High School coaches and trainers who will submit documentation (i.e. DVD’s and prospect list) of their Blue Chip athletes (male and female).

True Grit Sports will assist the TGS Network high school athletes and coaches communicate all information requested by colleges or universities. We are inviting you and your staff to participate in this network of high school and college coaches.

Our goal is to help you help your athletes achieve their collegiate sports goals.

These are few of our current TGS Network “Collegiate” members:

  • University of Hawaii
  • University of Miami
  • Arizona State University
  • Oregon State University
  • University of Washington
  • Eastern Washington       
  • San Diego State University
  • University of Oregon
  • Fullerton State
  • Sacramento State University
  • Northern Arizona
  • Portland State University
  • Boise State University
  • Texas A/M
  • Arkansas State

Here are a few of our TGS Network “High School” members:

  • Franklin High (Elk Grove, Ca)
  • Cosumnes Oaks Hs (Elk Grove, Ca)
  • Sheldon Hs (Elk Grove, Ca)
  • Laguna Creek Hs (Elk Grove, Ca)
  • Kennedy Hs (Sacto. Ca)
  • Christian Brothers Hs ( Sacto., Ca)
  • Burbank Hs (Sacto., Ca.)
  • West Campus Hs (Sacto., Ca)
  • Monterey Trails Hs (Elk Grove, Ca)
  • Valley Hi Hs (Sacto, Ca)
  • Hiram Johnson Hs (Sacto, Ca)
  • Highlands High Hs (No Sacto., Ca)
  • Del Campo Hs ( Carmichael, Ca)
  • Grant Hs (No Sacto., Ca)

See …Contact Us/Performance or Coach E. Thompson at