TGS Recruiting History

True Grit Sports Recruiting (History)

True Grit Sports - Recruiting is a more efficient means of communications between the Northern California - high school sports Athletes/Families, the high school Coaching staff, and America’s colleges and universities. Our goal is to help an athlete achieve their collegiate sports goals.

Today, True Grit Sports Recruiting has established relationships with several of the colleges and universities throughout nation. We have placed our athletes in several known division one through NAIA colleges and university sports programs. As a result, we have established a network of high school and collegiate coaches, who forward their high school sports recruiting interest to True Grit Sports Recruiting for assistance.

A network of high school coaches and trainers submit the necessary recruiting documentations (i.e. DVD’s and prospect list) of their Blue Chip high school athletes (male and female). In turn, True Grit Sports Recruiting will forward the documentation/information, as requested to the colleges or universities.

However, we require that we train and condition the athletes relative to their recruiting preparation. This year round recruiting process begins with our sports conditioning, and sports skills training and development. This training is designed for all sports.

We have discovered that many high school sports athletes are not prepare for the recruiting opportunities or processes, mentally or physically. Their poor fundamental physical conditioning and poor preparation will cancel a college sports scholarship offer.  As a solution, we coupled our sports conditioning and sports skills development with the collegiate contact.  We provide game film (DVD), transcripts of our high school athletes and a True Grit Sports – Recruiting evaluation.