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FB Camps

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College Sports Prep

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HUDL UP Videos

TGS invites you to follow your TGS athletes and accomplishments on our “HUDL Up”  videos.

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TGS invites you to follow our TGS athletes and local high school athletes as they pursue their college scholarship goals.

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TGS invites you to follow our TGS Alumni.

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K. Bailey


E. King


T. Green


J. Ballizens


H. Hall


College Football Recruits

C. Macfarland

Idaho State Univ

C. Le

Cal State Univ Sacramento

J. Banks

Univ of Buffalo

K. Halliasse

Univ of Oregon

M. Collins

Weber State Univ

J. Williams

Northern State Univ

K. Woods

Linfield College

J. Swanigan

UC Davis

J. Jackson

Northern Arizona Univ