TGS Nation – Newsletter Feb 2017 issue #1

TGSA Programs

  •  On Feb 1, 2017,  the TGSA Warriors will have the 2017 “Parents Meeting” at the “Pens and Strikes” 530pm/630pm. During this meeting, the 2017 Warrior FB Program’s team selection will be officially identified. Parent’s will be provided all necessary paperwork required for participation on the Warriors FB Program’s travel team. Potential Warrior Travel Team athletes will be notified of their selection an expected to attend this mandatory parents meeting.


TGSA Fundraising

  • On Feb 1, 2017, the True Grit Sports Academy will present the 9th annual “College Signing Days” celebration fundraiser. There are 17 True Grit Sports student - athletes receiving college scholarships for the fall 2017. This fundraiser will acknowledge the accomplishments of the 2017 high school sports – College Scholarship- recipients.

TGSA Donations

  • On Jan 1, 2016, Dr. Harold Jackson and family made a Platinum donation to the TGSA. The TGSA is grateful and appreciative of this generous donation. More importantly, the TGSA is thankful to Dr. Harold Jackson and his continued support!

TGSA Scholarships

  • Alex Cook – University of Washington FB
  • Tyler Van der Waal – University of Wyoming FB
  • Ravonte Holt – University of Wyoming FB
  • Robert Holt Jr – Portland State University FB
  • Armani Brown – Marshall University SB
  • Drake Stallworth – University of Hawaii FB
  • Jarrod Green – Utah State University FB
  • Ryan Watson – University of California, Berkeley FB
  • Jamari Jackson – Christian Brothers HS TBD
  • Matt Marengo – Linfield College FB
  • Carlos Stahl – Christian Brothers HS TBD
  • Raphael Lewis – Houston Baptist College FB
  • Isaiah Bailey – Sierra College TBD
  • Keylan Mack – Sac City College TBD
  • Cevon Mitchell Ford – American River College TBD
  • Jonas McMillian – Boise State University FB
  • Chance La Chapelle – Sheldon HS TBD
  • Ariel Ngata – University of Washington FB
  • Dawson Weber – North Dakota State University FB

The TGSA is proud to present the 2017 college scholarship TGSA/TGS student-athlete. See list above.

TGSA Recruiting

  • Jalen Lampley – (Jr) Franklin HS
  • Ryan Ortiz – (Jr) Franklin HS
  • Kalief Hallise – (Jr) Cosumnes Oaks HS – University of Hawaii (offer)
  • Marque Collins – (Jr) Cosumnes Oaks HS
  • Trent Cannon – (Jr) Cosumnes Oaks HS
  • Andre Allen (Jr) Cosumnes Oaks HS
  • Taejon King (Jr) Franklin HS
  • John Montgomery (Jr) Franklin HS
  • Dan Ross (Jr) Franklin HS
  • Brady Johnson (Jr) Franklin HS

The TGSA is proud to announce the 2018 football recruits. See list above.

TGS Pro Combine

On Jan 2, 2017, the TGS Performance trainers began the 2017 NFL/CFL/AFL – pro combine training.  Follow our TGSP college and professional athletes, as they prepare for their professional football opportunities.  Follow: Marcus Rios UCLA, Brandyn Thompson CFL, Asa Jackson NFL, Pierce Burton NFL,

Terrence Mitchell Jr NFL, Arik Armstead NFL, Asante Cleveland NFL, Ethan Westbrook NFL, Julius Thomas NFL, Cody Galea AFL and Don Jackson NFL.

TGS Classes

Adult Fitness / Sports Fitness classes are currently accepting enrollment. See TGS Performance registration.

Blue Chip / Injury Prevention classes will begin August 2017.

TGS Clinics

Next UP clinics will be arranged upon request. Please contact us at the TGSP webpage for more details and information.

TGS Kennels

See TGS Services ”Kennels” webpage for kennel updates and litter announcements.