True GRIT Sports – Alumni

TGS HOF - Hall of Fame

Kayla Brass

Kacey Rogers

Rachel Dinsmore

Armon Armstead

Brandyn Thompson

Chindum Mez

Elimane Diallo

Anthony Vernon

Pierce Burton

Steve Christian Jr

Asanti Cleveland

Arik Armstead

Lucky Dozier

Cody Galea

Aaron Matthews

Maika MauMau

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Professional Football - Athletes

Asa Jackson

NFL Pavens

Austin Pettis

NFL SD Chargers

Jamar Taylor

NFL Miami Dolphins

Arik Artead

NFL SF 49ers

Cody Galea

NFL Colts

Vince Mayle

NFL Browns

Terrence Mitchell

NFL Bears

Asante Cleveland

NFL 49ers

Ethan Westbrook

NFL Rams

Jeron Johnson

NFL Redskins

Billy Winn

NFL Browns

George Iloka

NFL Bengals

Brandyn Thompson

CFL Redblacks

Pierce Burton

CFL Alouettes

College Football - Athletes

Marcus Rios


Nate Ises


Brian Clay Jr

University of Wash

Marcus Green

CSU Sacramento

Joey Banks

CSU Sacramento

Robert Ash

Boise State University

TGS Super Bowl Athletes

Ryan Clady

Julian Thomas

Jeron Johnson

Asa Jackson (2013)

TGS NFL Prospects

Arik Armstead

Cody Galea

Vince Mayle

TGS Pros

TGS College Scholarship Athletes

Cecil Williams Jr.

Harvard - Football

Joey Banks Jr.

Northern Arizona University - Football

Taron Johnson

University of Wyoming - Football

Brandon Lewis

University of Washington - Football

Robert Sanders

Weber State University - Football

Curtis Williams Jr.

Humboldt State University - Football

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#25 Brandyn Thompson - CFL Ottawa Redblacks

TGS President and TGS Head Trainer
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Alumni Donation Letter

Greetings, True Grit Sports - Alumni/Supporters

Please remember the True Grit Sports Academy was developed to be your "Charitable Foundation"! There is no need to start your own.

The True Grit Sports Academy is designed to help provide educational and athletic opportunities not available to your communities - high school and youth - student athletes.  

Please review the TGSA "Mission Statement". Within the TGSA "Mission Statement" you will find that your reason for a foundation will be served through the True Grit Sports Academy.

However, if you have or are planning to start your own please contact us we are ready to assist you. 

As a business professional or professional sports athletes, you need a means of protecting your assets. The True Grit Sports Academy will provide the "TAX DEDUCTION" opportunity you will need - April 15, 2016. 

More importantly, the True Grit Sports Academy will help you provide the same preparation for success you received as a True Grit Sports athlete - now Alumni.

Please help create better opportunities for your communities "NEXT UP" high school and youth - student athlete. Please see and complete the TGSA donations form. Read more about the TGSA (see website). More importantly, make time to visit and participate in a True Grit Sports Academy activity. We need you!

Your tax deductible donation "a financial contribution" will insure that one more like you will get through! Pass it on and watch it move forward!

Coach Eric Thompson
Executive Director - True Grit Sports Academy