The Lake Tahoe "Road Trip Huddle" was a great time for all. We began the Lake Tahoe "Road Trip Huddle" at the Nugget Market - Greenhaven, Ca. on our way to Auburn, Ca. to Katrina's Restaurant.

The food, service and restaurant atmosphere was good and can be recommended. After the meal and warm up conversations, the team continued on to Lake Tahoe. However, prior to arriving in Lake Tahoe, we stopped at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

Once we arrived at the world famous Squaw Valley Ski Resort, the "Huddle" hosts - Howie"the Knife" Jackson and Marvin "the Speed of Light" Speed, sponsored a "Ski Tram" ride to the top of the world. The team took the "Ski Tram" to view Lake Tahoe from the top of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. All agreed that this was a very IMPRESSIVE view and can be recommended.

Finally, we arrived at Howie "the Knife" Jackson - Jackson cabin/ lodge. Our teammate and "Huddle Host" - Howie "the Knife" Jackson - graciously opened his lake view cabin/lodge to the team. At the cabin/lodge, we enjoyed Jackson's signature "Gumbo", prime cigars and vintage shots (brown liquor). Thereafter, we engaged in the team cigar trades, and shot tasting. Lastly, this "Road Trip Huddle" was wrapped up with lively conversations, stories, discussions and debates.

For your teammates who "started", all reported this "Road Trip Huddle" to be an outstanding event. Further, all report that this "Road Trip Huddle" needs to be schedule every season.

Game results:

Lake Tahoe "Road Trip Huddle"  - W

Next "Road Trip Huddle" - Sacramento River "Home Field Huddle" - scheduled July 2019. Your "Huddle Host" for this July "Home Field Huddle" will be - Mike "the Bushwacker" Bush. Please contact M. Bush for the details.

LIVE Well!
E "the GM" Thompson