Pro Combine

Pro Fitness / Combine Prep.

Cost: Contact about pricing

Our training is designed to prepare all aspiring professional sports prospects for their best performance at the NFL, CFL, AFL, MLS, MLB, or NBA combines or camps. Our training is designed to fit the needs of the athlete, the sports position and the sport.

All of our training is designed to create a high level of sport performance with our clients. We will address all issues of speed, agility, physical strength and balance, and flexibility. Further, we will provide sports position training and preparation.

In addition, we will provide services (*an additional cost) as required / requested.

  1.  "Interview" training
  2. Nutrition prep /ed
  3. Chiropractic therapy
  4. Message therapy
  5. Dental *
  6. Nutritional - meals "delivered" *
  7. Car rental
  8. Residence (hotel) daily, weekly or monthly.

The True Grit Sports - Pro Combine training and services cost will vary! We start at $5000.00.

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