Next Up Academy

Next Up Academy


The  True Grit Sports Academy was founded August 2008.  Originally, established as Goldrush Youth Foundation, (a youth track and field, and youth basketball organization) July 2002. However, in September 2005, the sports training and conditioning component of Goldrush Youth Foundation re-established itself as True Grit Sports Academy.

(About Us):

During this time, the True Grit Sports Academy acquired many years professional (sports) development training, (sports) conditioning training and (sports) science education. As a result, after 10 years, we developed a service marked / trademarked “Sports Skills Development Training” unique to True Grit Sports.
The sports skills development of our athletes has nationally promoted our training techniques.  As a result, the success of our athletes is nationally recognized. Many of our TGSA, youth and high school, athletes have continued with their sports interest as professional and amateur athletes. Most have developed into our nation’s finest college and university “scholarship” athletes. Many are competing in professional sports.

(TGSA Coaches and Trainers):

All TGSA coaches and  trainers are certified  sports training professionals. All are ( National) Injury Prevention (IPT) certified and CPR/First Aid, certified professional trainers. All are insured and bonded through True Grit Sports - LLC. All are approved with the Ca. Department of Justice criminal background certifications.
Most of our trainers are current sports professional athletes or college sports athletes. Many are still competing at the amateur and professional levels. As a result, your athletes benefit from an instructor/trainer with the most current training techniques and sports preparation skills/drills.


TGSA has developed sports training and conditioning techniques adopted from many sports. All adapted to create efficient athletic performance. TGSA understands what is needed to develop an ATHLETE. We apply the known theories and principles of Kinesiology to help develop our athletes. Our understanding of these principles of human movement, and the efficient use of movement/motion, is the primary tool we use to develop our training.

TGSA will determine the necessary “Sports Performance” training adjustments required specifically for the athlete and the sport. We will tailor the training to the athlete and the sport. Our plan for your organization or athlete is to build on your programs or athletes current athletic status. As a result, the TGSA will continue to develop existing agility, speed and balance.

We will develop the core strength necessary for the development of agility, speed and balance. We will continue to develop agility through the establishment of lateral and vertical movement. This will increase your programs or athletes “Sports Performance” and “Sports Skills” development.

Our training schedule will be designed to develop your program or athlete throughout his or her sports season. Our concern is to address your sports program’s or athlete’s sport’s needs, and further develop given abilities for a “Peak Performance”. More importantly, we will not train or develop your program’s athletes or athlete to a “peak performance”, before he or she needs to perform at his or her best.


Our rates are determined by the athlete's program requirements. This is influenced by the sport and the athlete’s skills and abilities, prior to the training requested/required. The professional sports training and conditioning expertise provided is highly valued. However, our motto is to provide the area’s best sports training and conditioning to ANY athlete, ANY sport. Therefore, our rates are more than reasonable when compared to the others with equal success and results.


The True Grit Sports Academy - “NEXT UP”  - Camps and Clinics will create and support sports skills development, sports conditioning and preparation, relative to the creation of sports speed, balance, core strength and athletic movement. More importantly, the TGSA will provide support and assistance with sports nutrition education,  community responsibilities and citizenship.  This support is the foundation for the goals and objectives of all TGSA Camp or Clinic.