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True Grit Sports will provide support to all area youth, high school, college and professional athletes through the use of efficient and effective sports skills development and physical conditioning.

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Thank you for your interest in True Grit Sports Performance! 

The TGS Performance football speed and conditioning training (Blue Chip PT) is offered M/W - 430pm/6pm - (BSP) Bartholomew Sports Complex - Field #3. Cost $100 per month.

This is very detailed position specific training by Professional Football athletes (past and present).

Please contact Coach Brandyn Thompson.

TGSP Training - Schedule / Locations

Now until May 2017
TGS/Ethos Athletics 4pm/8pm TGS/Ethos Athletics 4pm/8pm TGS/Ethos Athletics 4pm/8pm TGS/Ethos Athletics 4pm/8pm TGS/Ethos Athletics 4pm/8pm

Starting June 2017
TGS/Ethos Athletics 4pm/8pm Ethos Gym/Curtis Park TGS/Ethos Athletics 4pm/8pm Ethos Gym/Curtis Park TGS/Ethos Athletics 4pm/8pm Ethos Gym/Curtis Park TGS/Ethos Athletics 4pm/8pm Ethos Gym/Curtis Park TGS/Ethos Athletics 4pm/8pm Ethos Gym/Curtis Park Blue Chip/IPT 2pm/330pm Luttig Park

Blue Chip

Blue Chip Program

When: Sunday 2:00 – 3:00
Cost: $80.00

True Grit Sports Performance Blue Chip program is a proven college preparation conditioning system designed to give the High School, College and Professional athlete the HEAD START in achieving his or her athletic goals. The TGSP Blue Chip program conditioning will give you the ability to compete at your physical best. The TGSP Blue Chip Program training is year round training and conditioning. The training and conditioning sessions are held Sundays, with extra conditioning if needed held on Mon/Wed through the fall/winter/spring. The summer training and conditioning sessions will be held 4 days a week (Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sun). Each session = one hour and a half. The TGSP Blue Chip athletes will receive advanced training and conditioning designed to establish speed, strength, flexibility, and agility. In addition, the TGSP Blue Chip athletes will be videotaped and constantly evaluated. The TGSP Blue Chip athletes will receive college scholarship preparation and counsel. Learn More About Blue Chip

Adult Fitness

Adult Fitness

When: Sun 2-3:30pm
Cost: $60

Train with the True Grit Sports / Sports Performance trainers (nationally re-known - local athletes). These professional True Grit Sports "certified" sports trainers will provide sports training for the mature athlete, former amateur or professional athlete, and or the adult seeking fitness goals and objectives (see All True Grit Sports Trainers are bonded and CPR/First Aid certified trainers.

The course cost $20 per session, as an individual.

We encourage you to purchase a minimum of 8 (1.5hr) sessions upon enrollment. Our training is designed for a six week training cycle.  This allows for your best and immediate results. These training sessions are conducted both indoors and outdoors. Must be 18 years or older. Use pay-pal service provided on TGS website for payments.

Course registration is offered on-line ( or or any TGS training location - see TGS / Sports Performance webpage for TGS /SP training locations.

Learn More About Adult Fitness

Personal Training

Personal Training - Individual

Cost: $30

True Grit Sports Personal Training is for individualized attention to increase overall athleticism. Provides specific workout programs molded to the individuals needs to make the quickest gains and improvements. Will receive advanced training techniques to improve speed, strength, and agility.

Pro Combine

Pro Fitness / Combine Prep.

Cost: $5,000.00-$15,000.00

Our training is designed to prepare all aspiring professional sports prospects for their best performance at the NFL, CFL, AFL, MLS, MLB, or NBA combines or camps. Our training is designed to fit the needs of the athlete, the sports position and the sport. 

All of our training is designed to create a high level of sport performance with our clients. We will address all issues of speed, agility, physical strength and balance, and flexibility. Further, we will provide sports position training and preparation. 

In addition, we will provide services (*an additional cost) as required / requested.

  1.  "Interview" training
  2. Nutrition prep /ed
  3. Chiropractic therapy
  4. Message therapy
  5. Dental *
  6. Nutritional - meals "delivered" *
  7. Car rental
  8. Residence (hotel) daily, weekly or monthly.

The True Grit Sports - Pro Combine training and services cost will vary! We start at $5000.00. 

Learn More About Pro Combine

Next Up Academy

Next Up Academy

Cost: $55-$105

The True Grit Sports / Sports Performance (Professional Football - Alumni) present the "NEXT UP" Academy. This football clinic will feature our True Grit Sports - Professional Football Alumni, as the clinics trainers and coaching staff. The "Next Up" Academy's coaches/trainers will provide your athlete with most current NFL / CFL / AFL - football training drills and position specific preparation.

Learn more about Next Up Academy