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Mission Statement

TGSP Mission Statement

True Grit Sports will provide support to all area youth, high school, college and professional athletes through the use of efficient and effective sports skills development and physical conditioning.                                                         

Training Information

TGSP Training Info

TGSP has developed sports training and conditioning techniques adopted from many sports, adapted to create efficient athletic performance. Many referred to this style of sports training as cross – training. TGSP began to develop our training techniques before the term cross-training became popular. As a result, we understand what is needed to develop an ATHLETE.

We apply several known theories and principles of Kinesiology and Olympic athletic preparation, to help develop our athletes. We use the training principles and techniques of boxing, football, martial arts, track and field, soccer, and basketball. The sports training and preparation requirements for these sports have influenced the development of the unique True Grit Sports Perfomance training.

Our understanding of the principles of human movement and the efficient use of movement is applied in the development of our athletes. The adjustments required specifically for the athlete and the sport are evaluated and determined. Therefore, we tailor the training to the athlete and to the sport. At TGSC we develop an athlete, who plays sports. Any sport!

Our emphasis is on the male or female athlete’s individual needs and abilities. Our plan for your organization or athlete is to build on your current athletic status. We will continue to develop agility with speed and balance. We will continue to developed core strength to assist with the development of speed. We will continue to develop balance through the development of lateral and vertical movement. This is all accomplished through various TGSP sports conditioning drills and exercises.

Our training schedule will be designed to develop your athlete or athletes throughout the season. We will not train or develop your athletes to their PEAK PERFORMANCE, before he or she needs to perform at his or her best. 

The professional sports training and conditioning expertise provided at every training session is valued at several hundred dollars per session. However, our promise is to provide the Northern California’s best sports training and conditioning to ALL and ANY athlete committed to being GREAT. Therefore, our rates are more than reasonable when compared to the others with equal success and results. Contact Us (TGSP) – for service cost and further service details

Karl Hager Take A Knee: DB Brandyn Thompson

The TGS 2017 Professional Football Alumni

Terrence Mitchell Jr

Arik Armstead

Marcus Rios

Asa Jackson

Ethan Westbrook

Jeron Johnson

Doug Martin

George Iloka

Jamar Taylor

Brandyn Thompson

Brain Clay Jr

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Greetings, True Grit Sports Academy Supporter-

On behalf of the TRUE GRIT SPORTS ACADEMY – INC (TGSA), I want to thank you for interest and support throughout the past year.  As a result, I want to offer you a tax deductible opportunity for your financial support to the True Grit Sports Academy, Inc. “

Since 2005, we have created college sports opportunities for more than 150 “College Scholarship” student athletes. These student athlete are now True Grit Sports Academy “Alumni”- College Graduates. With your support, we were capable of providing these TGSA student athletes the preparation to achieve their received scholarship opportunities.

Your support created an opportunities through our 7 TGSA programs. Of the 7 programs, 5 were nationally recognized competitive sports programs, which resulted in college scholarships and college scholarship opportunities.

Unfortunately, we will begin this season with only 3 active programs – Warrior Football, Blue Angel Softball and Goldrush Track (see … Academy). We are down from 7 active programs to 3 active programs. However, the demand for our programs encourages us to continue.

We ask that you help the True Grit Sports Academy continue to help our communities student athletes achieve their collegiate sports and academic goals.

Your generous donation will help provide college academic and athletic opportunities to our communities student athletes, not abundantly available. These college scholarship opportunities will help our student athletes reach and complete, their collegiate sports and academic goals.

Without your generous donation and support, many of these TGSA athletes will not progress to their full potential (see Academy). With your financial support we can help those who need the help!

I thank you in advance for considering the True Grit Sports Academy as your non-profit charity / organization.  Please donate generously to our mission (see www.truegrit-sports … About Us).

Thank you for your time, consideration and support!

Eric Thompson
Executive Director – True Grit Sports Academy