May 2019 “Road Trip Huddle” results

On May 5, 2019, your "Starters" set out on a "Road Trip Huddle" to the Monterrey Bay area. We arrived at 10 am at the Pebble Beach Golf Course. It was a beautiful morning there in Monterrey Bay. We toured the golf course and shops. Finishing with lunch at the famous "Pebble Beach Golf Course Deli".

The Monterrey Bay "Road Trip Huddle" was a great experience and good time for the "Starters" of our team. Our next "Road Trip Huddle" will be - Lake Tahoe - June 9, 2019. The bus (es) will leave from Nugget Market (EG Blvd) - 8 am, and return when we get back! Make sure you are on the bus. Check in with me, M. Craft or H. Jackson for the Lake Tahoe sight seeing locations to be scheduled.