Letter from GM

As a Black Male have experienced racism in many forms throughout my life. However, the most divisive form is the most "Subtle" form of racism. A dismissive, arrogant,  unassuming, form of racism. This form of racism gives the illusion that this not racism, due to its source or its delivery. It hides behind  misunderstanding, poor communication, social bias, and cultural differences. This is what makes it much more dangerous than any other form of racism. It is casual. Too casual.

As a result, our young people, particularly our young men, have a problem discerning this form of racism. It is so casual that occurs on the hourly basis. Our young adults need to be taught an efficient and effective means to address this problem in both the professional and private arenas.

Our young adults need to fight the good fight with the tools and weapons for success - Cultural Awareness Education. This education will provide the racial respect required to efficiently and effectively eradicate all forms of racism, no matter the source or the delivery system. The ability to address these experiences most times is simply providing the opportunity for respectful dialog to create roads to understanding. This is the purpose, reason, and motivation for the creation of the Northern California, Cigar and Shots, Social Club.

On May 5, 2019 your "Starters" embarked on the Monterey Bay / Pebble Beach - "Road Trip Huddle". The bus ride was full of laughs and life stories. A good time for all.

Unfortunately, once we arrived and got off the bus, we immediately experienced the "Subtle Racism" afforded all people of color or cultural difference. This "Subtle Racism" follow us throughout our visit at this "so-called" public golf course.

Upon our arrival, we were immediately questioned regarding our intent - "Why are you here?". There is a possibility we may have been a little sensitive regarding the environment or not. Or it was simply racism, as suspected.

Together we all noted, this question was not asked to any other Pebble Beach Golf Course patrons who arrived with us or after us. Further, as we entered the golf course, this curiosity as to why we were there (Subtle Racism) continued, as we toured the golf shops.

Unfortunately, as we spent our money at the golf shops, the same question came from the other patrons. Strangers to us. We thought this was interesting and an unwelcome behavior being served at this public golf course. Unanimously, we concluded that something needs to be done to correct and or confirm this behavior.

As a result, your "Starters" agreed that we will return to the Pebble Beach "Public Golf Course" with a greater number of "Starters" in attendance. We agreed to play the course. We agreed to present the same question of "curiosity" to the other "public golf course" patrons regarding their intent with their arrival at this "public golf course". You know, a survey. Further, we agreed to engage in meaningful dialog with the Pebble Beach public golf course staff regarding this matter.

Most importantly, we agreed to address or fix the problem before we leave from our return to this "public golf course". We agreed NOT to leave this problem to be addressed or fixed by others. It is a shared problem for people of color or cultural differences that needs to be fixed. The end.

Your thoughts?

Live WELL!
E. Thompson