The DBAs of True Grit Sports LLC.

The DBA’s of TGS LLC. operate under True Grit Sports Enterprises (TGSE). The benefits/service received have been and currently are: facilities, charitable donations, website and webpage access, marketing, and business insurance coverage.

These benefits/service are offered to all DBA’s associated and affiliated with True Grit Sports LLC. However, these benefits/service will no longer be available, once a DBAs interest has been dissolved.

Currently, each DBA operates as an independent business/company. Each DBA is both financially and operationally independent from TGS LLC. More importantly, there is no shared liability.

Once selected as a TGS LLC. DBA, the DBA receives all of the benefits/service offered by the TGS LLC. These TGS LLC benefits/service are provided for a monthly fee (TBD).

To participate as a DBA of TGS LLC., contact: E. Thompson –