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TGS/SP Trainers:

TGS/SP Trainers

All TGS/SP trainers are insured and certified TGS/SP sports training professionals. All are (TGS/SP) National Injury Prevention (IPT) certified and CPR/First Aid, certified professional trainers. All are insured and bonded through True Grit Sports - LLC. All are approved with the Ca. Department of Justice criminal background certifications.

Most of our trainers are current sports professional athletes or college sports athletes. Many are still competing at the amateur and professional levels. As a result, your athletes benefit from an instructor/trainer with the most current training techniques and sports preparation skills/drills.

All TGS/SP trainers are insured-bonded, CPR/First Aid and TGS/SP certified sports training professionals. All have received their certification. All are insured and certified through True Grit Sports – Conditioning LLC. Most of our trainers are current sports professional athletes or collegiate sports athletes. Many are still competing at the amateur and professional levels. As a result, your athletes benefit from an instructor with the most current training techniques and sports preparation skills.

TGS/SP Training:

TGS has developed sports training and conditioning techniques adopted from many sports, adapted to create efficient athletic performance. Many referred to this style of sports training as cross – training. TGS began to develop our training techniques before the term cross-training became popular. As a result, we understand what is needed to develop an ATHLETE.

We apply several known theories and principles of Kinesiology and Olympic athletic preparation, to help develop our athletes. We use the training principles and techniques of boxing, football, martial arts, track and field, soccer, and basketball. The sports training and preparation requirements for these sports have influenced the development of the unique True Grit Sports / Sports Performance training.

Our understanding of the principles of human movement and the efficient use of movement is applied in the development of our athletes. The adjustments required specifically for the athlete and the sport are evaluated and determined. Therefore, we tailor the training to the athlete and to the sport. At TGSC we develop an athlete, who plays sports. Any sport!

Our emphasis is on the male or female athlete’s individual needs and abilities. Our plan for your organization or athlete is to build on your current athletic status. We will continue to develop agility with speed and balance. We will continue to developed core strength to assist with the development of speed. We will continue to develop balance through the development of lateral and vertical movement. This is all accomplished through various TGS/SP - sports conditioning drills and exercises.

Our training schedule will be designed to develop your athlete or athletes throughout the season. We will not train or develop your athletes to their PEAK PERFORMANCE, before he or she needs to perform at his or her best.

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TGS Trainers

Brandyn Thompson

Director of TGS/Sports Performance (training designer)


Franklin High School (2003-2007)

Boise State University (2007-2010)


Washington Redskins (2011-2012)

Ottawa Redblacks (2014)


Brandyn Thompson is an alum of the True Grit Sports program. The 25 year old native of Elk Grove graduated from Franklin High School in 2007. Lettering in football, basketball, and track. He excelled in football where he was an All League, All area Defensive Back/Wide Receiver.

He went on to play at Boise State University where he then earned Academic All American and All Conference honors playing football. While helping a program to a 47-5 record in a 4 year span. In 2011, he was drafted in the 7th Round (213th Overall) by the Washington Redskins. Thompson played 2 seasons with Washington before being released in 2012.

Currently Brandyn is a member of the Ottawa Redblacks organization of the Canadian Football league (CFL) where he started 18 games this past season. Thompson is also in his 3rd year as an True Grit Sports head trainer, working with kids throughout the greater Sacramento and California areas.

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Eddy Umeh

CSU / Humboldt

Assistant Director of TGS/Sports Performance - Lead Trainer

Larry Wriedt

Western Kentucky University

TGS/SP trainer (adult -specialist)

Mike Grant Jr.

University of Neveda/Las Vegas

TGS/SP trainer (training designer)

Thomas Downs

TGS/SP trainer (adult- specialist)

Education: UNLV

- 2007-2008 (SierraCollege) Football- Running Back
- 2009-2010 (UNLV) Football- Running Back
- 2011-current (SHELDON Hs.) Football-Coach- Running back, Defensive back, and Offensive Coordinator  


Born and raised in Sacramento. Coach Thomas Downs is a True Grit alumni Coach Thomas graduated from Sheldon High School in 2007, he was a three sport athlete in football, basketball, and track. He excelled in football where he was an All League, All area Running Back. Thomas went on to play on at Sierra College, then earned his way to play at UNLV.

Coach Thomas Downs is currently a head trainer for True Grit Sports, this is 3rd year training but been apart of this program since he was young. He is also the Varsity Offensive Coordinator at alma mater Sheldon High School. Coach Thomas is not just a trainer and coach. He is a mentor and big brother to each kid that he will coach and train.

Pierce Burton

University of Mississippi (OLE MISS)

- Class of 2009 Rio Americano High School
- San Jose State 2009-11
- College of San Francisco 2011 associates degree math and science
- Ole Miss 2012-13 General studies degree with minors in math business and parks and recreation


- 2008-present True Grit Sports Trainer
- 2007-2008 High School football players.
- 2009-2010 San Jose State football player
- 2011 City College of San Francisco football player
- 2012-2013 Ole Miss football player
- 2014 Minnesota Vikings football player
- 2014 Saskatchewan Roughrider player



Born and raised in Northern California, Pierce Burton has been an athlete since he was a young. As a youth Pierce was a basketball player however his junior year of high school he began playing football. He then accepted a scholarship to play at San Jose State. After two years at SJSU Pierce decided to try and play football at a high level so he went to junior college at City College of San Francisco. At CCSF Pierce’s team won the 2011 National Championship and was named offensive MVP as an offensive lineman. After junior college Pierce accepted a scholarship to Ole Miss where he started 26 games. Pierce is now a Professional player, this past season Pierce played on both the Minnesota Vikings and the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL.

Tyler Castelo

TGS/SP trainer (youth - specialist)

Zach Waller

TGS/SP trainer (youth - specialist)

Eric McGinnis

TGS/SP trainer (adult - specialist)

Curtis Shirey

Lewis and Clark College

Joseph Guidry

California Luthern University

Damian Sanders

Midville State University

Jesse Umeh

West Virginia University

Kayla Brass

Winston /Salem - NC University

Kacey Rogers

Tulane University

Asa Jackson

Cal Poly / San Luis Obispo

Ade' Jackson

University of California / Davis

#25 Brandyn Thompson - CFL Ottawa Redblacks

TGS President and TGS Head Trainer
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TGS Certified Interns

Brionna Thompson

CSU /Fullerton

Kayla Valdry

Texas Southern University

Chindum Mez

CSU / Sacramento

Marcus Rios

University of California / Los Angeles

Marcus Green Jr

CSU / Sacramento

Trevon Lampley

Midville State University