About Us

About Us

About us: History

I am Eric Thompson, owner of True Grit Sports – Conditioning, LLC. Originally, established as Goldrush Youth Foundation, (a youth track and field, and basketball organization) 2002. In 2005, the sports training and conditioning component of Goldrush Youth Foundation, re-established itself as “True Grit Sports” Training and Conditioning. In 2008, True Grit Sports Training and Conditioning was licensed with the City of Elk Grove as “True Grit Sports” – Conditioning, LLC. We have been a licensed and insured member of the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce, since 2009.

To date, we (TGS/SP) have acquired many years professional (sports) development training, (sports) conditioning training and (sports) science education. This is in addition to my own participation in youth, high school, and college sports.

As a result, after 10 years, we developed a service marked / trademarked “drills and skills development” training unique “only” to True Grit Sports.

The sports skill development of our athletes, our training techniques, and the success of our athletes, are nationally recognized. As a result,  all have developed into our nation’s finest college and university “scholarship” athletes. More importantly, most of our TGS athletes have continued with their sports interest into the competitive amateur and professional sports levels (see TGS Alumni).  


TGS/SP Trainers

All TGS/SP trainers are insured and certified TGS/SP sports training professionals. All are (TGS/SP) National Injury Prevention (IPT) certified and CPR/First Aid, certified professional trainers. All are insured and bonded through True Grit Sports - LLC. All are approved with the Ca. Department of Justice criminal background certifications.

Most of our trainers are current sports professional athletes or college sports athletes. Many are still competing at the amateur and professional levels. As a result, your athletes benefit from an instructor/trainer with the most current training techniques and sports preparation skills/drills.



TGS/SP has developed sports training and conditioning techniques adopted from many sports. All adapted to create efficient athletic performance.  We understand what is needed to develop an ATHLETE who participates in sports. We apply several known theories and principles of Kinesiology to help develop our athletes.

More importantly, our understanding of the principles of human movement, and our efficient use of movement/motion, is applied in the development of our athletes. As a result, we will evaluate and determined the necessary “sports performance training” adjustments required specifically for the athlete and the sport. More importantly, we will tailor the training to the athlete and sport.

Our plan for your organization is to build on your current athletic status. We will continue to developed agility with speed and balance. We will continue to developed core strength to assist with the development of agility. Our concern is the male or female athlete’s needs and abilities. 

We will continue to develop sports agility through the development of lateral and vertical explosion (fast muscle twitch). This is all accomplished through various TGS/SP sports conditioning “signature” drills and exercises.

Our training schedule will be designed to develop your athletes throughout the his or her sports season. We will not train or develop your athlete to a “peak performance”, before he or she needs to perform at his or her best. 



Our the professional sports training and conditioning expertise, provided at every training session, is valued at several hundred dollars, per session. However, our goal is to provide the area’s best sports training and conditioning to  ANY athlete committed to being GREAT. As a result, our rates are more than reasonable when compared to the others with equal success and results.

Our rates will vary.  Our calculations are based on the athlete, the sport and the length/time of the training required. In addition, our cost is established either as per athlete or a flat (group) rate.

About us: Structure

About us: Structure

The True Grit Sports Academy (TGSA) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization established to address the health and personal development of America's youth. TGSA is a community-based program that combines sports and education to emphasize the principles of self-worth, respect for others, teamwork, integrity, community pride, personal and community responsibility. This is accomplished through the TGSA commitment of excellence that is integral to our name, True Grit. 

The TGSA emphasizes HARD WORK and INTEGRITY in sports training, sports conditioning and sports skill development. We teach the value of sports performance aligned to nutrition, injury prevention, and self-esteem/confidence. The TGSA promotes the balance of physical and academic development through academic services including:  mentors, mentorships, tutoring (all subjects), interns, internships, and sports and academic scholarships.

TGSA is committed to the overall development of the student/athlete. For student/athletes with a goal of participating in college sports, we provide professional sports training, sports skills development, and college scholarship counseling/preparation. This service is provided to both male and female athletes involved in any sport.

This is the True Grit Sports Academy’s commitment--we believe, if we can learn to PLAY GREAT, together we can BE GREAT!

True Grit Sports is a (Bonded / Trade Mark / Service Mark / Incorporated) sports preparation and sports consultation company. True Grit Sports has two divisions that provide multiple programs and services. Each TGSA program and TGSP service are under the expressed responsibility of True Grit Sports. All True Grit Sports disclaimers and protection apply only to known and approved activities of both identified divisions.

True Grit Sports - ACADEMY aka (TGSA). NON- PROFIT division.

TGSA Programs


True Grit Sports – PERFORMANCE aka (TGSP). PROFIT division.

TGSP Services

The unauthorized use of True Grit Sports – Trademark/Service – Marks.

The True Grit Sports name, marks, seal, logo, and other insignia (all *TGSA Marks) are protected through the trademark registration and are defined as the intellectual property of True Grit Sports Academy. All use of the TGSA’s intellectual property must have the prior and continued approval of True Grit Sports, INC. Only those subordinates and affiliated organizations, which are recognized by True Grit Sports INC as being in good standing, may use the any intellectual property of True Grit Sports INC.

The True Grit Sports INC may withdraw such approval, in its sole discretion, and shall not notify the subject user(s) to cease and desist the use of any TGS intellectual property. Unauthorized use or continued use of any of the intellectual property of the TGS after authorization has been withdrawn, shall be a violation of this policy and will be subject legal repercussions and consequences.

TGS Mission Statement

True Grit Sports Academy’s Mission:

The True Grit Sports Academy is committed to the development of 6 principles for positive sports competition and academic success:

  1. citizenship
  2. character
  3. commitment
  4. scholarship/academics
  5. sportsmanship
  6. physical fitness.

All accomplished and achieved in a safe and secure environment.

The True Grit Sports Academy will provide organized and structured programs, and activities, designed to educate and prepare the student athlete for both sports and academic endeavors.

The True Grit Sports Academy will maintain a high standard for participation, while promoting a fun and positive experience, as our student athletes achieve their academic and athletic goals.